Why Commercial Business Owners Need Pest Control

When you own commercial business property, pests may seem like a minor problem. Letting a pest control problem go unchecked, however, can be a costly mistake. Here are just a few of the ways that pests can ruin business:

Your reputation will suffer. Customers who see bugs or rodents running around your establishment will likely vacate the premises immediately. Companies that work in the food industry should be especially careful, as the last thing consumers want is to eat food they perceive as contaminated. This has driven more than one restaurant out of business.

Retailers should be equally cautious. Consumers who see a roach crawl past the shoe they were about to purchase will probably have second thoughts about the purchase, perhaps connecting it to the idea of products that could be carrying disease. No restaurant or shop wants to be seen by the community as “infected.”

Commercial office space can also suffer if left untreated. In order to maintain a clean practice, physicians should consider regular commercial pest control service. One bug on in a waiting room and your office may be seen as a low-tier option.

Vigilance with pest control is important in this modern digital age. One bad review on Yelp that says “cockroaches” can drive away untold numbers of people from your establishment. These reviews can be more damaging than reviews outlining poor customer treatment because consumers understand a bad review could be from an employee who had a bad day, or a figment of the customer’s imagination. Pest reports on review sites are more difficult to argue.

You will still spend money… but on other things. The National Pest Management Association revealed that termites cost Americans $5 billion in damage to their homes and businesses every year. That is just termites. A host of bugs and rodents can chew through cords and wires, contaminate food stores, and drive away customers.

Hotels and retail stores often deal with pests damaging their property. Retail locations are a target because products are being shipped from all over the country, and massive storage rooms have plenty of hiding places, and sometimes food stores, for pests to nest and breed.

Hotels in particular must be watchful. Their customers stay in their building for days at a time. If rodents are around, chances are they will likely be heard scurrying behind the walls. These rodents can damage electrical wiring and spread disease. Fighting lawsuits in court is much more expensive than regular pest control. As is paying those electricians, remodeling companies, and painters to repair damaged wiring.

If you suspect you have pests, call Centurion Pest Management today. We will inspect your property and implement methods to remove bugs, rodents, and other pests without disrupting your daily workplace or hurting your business. We use only the best products and techniques available to give you the results you want. Give us a call or send us a message to get in touch with us today.