• Will the technician need to spray inside my home?

      As long as the barrier around your home is maintained, there is no need to spray inside the home unless there is an active infestation. The pests will cross the barrier when entering the home and come in contact with the product. There are a few exceptions, such as Indian meal moths which are brought in typically in food items and are found in food storage areas such as a pantry.

    • Why do you treat from exterior for ants?

      Ants trail into the home from outside (up from the ground, across cable lines, etc). By baiting the trails outside, we are keeping more of them from entering your home.

    • Are mosquito control treatments safe for my family and pets?

      Yes, mosquito treatments conducted properly are extremely safe. We are mindful of gardens, pet food bowls, toys, creeks, and ponds around your property and will avoid those areas. We do recommend that no one enter the treated areas for a minimum of 3 hours after service.

    • Does Centurion offer rodent remediation and exclusion services?

      Yes, we do a full inspection to determine entry points and then perform foundation and roofline exclusion services. We also trap to ensure all rodents have been removed.

    • What are my options for termite control coverage?

      Centurion offers several termite control options. Our technicians can provide an inspection and present you with the best option(s) for your home. There are bait systems as well as liquid termite treatments available.

    • How does Centurion schedule services?

      We will contact you via email, text or both 3 days prior to your scheduled service.