Tip From the Pros: Cockroaches and Bugs

So we’ve reached that time of the year when the dreaded word comes up….. COCKROACHES. Cockroaches love the heat and humidity that visit us during the summer months in the Southeast. A lot of our new/prospective customers are calling in for a bed bug removal service and complaining about seeing large bugs on the wall or running across their patios at night. A lot of people call them water bugs, or palmetto bugs but in reality the truth is they are simply the “American Roach”. They thrive in pine straw and mulch beds, trees, sewers, cracks and crevices in the pavement and other areas of vegetation around your home. That unfortunately, is one of many types of roaches we may deal with on a daily basis here at Centurion Pest Management. The Smokey Brown cockroach is one found much of the time in attic spaces especially as temperatures drop in the fall season and as pests find warm entry points into your home through wall voids and attic spaces. The final roach we will go over is the disgusting German cockroach which relies solely on the existence of humans. The German cockroach is found 99% of the time in food prep areas, kitchens, and pantries. They feed on the food and garbage you and I produce and are brought from location to location and have to be introduced to an area. They are not indigenous to the outdoors unlike their distant cousins. They thrive in large numbers, reproduce extremely fast, and are successful in surviving long periods of time without taking a meal. They, like every other roach have one thing in common that will hugely effect their ability to survive comfortably, sanitation. Dirty counters, pieces of food dropped behind appliances, and old trash lying around will strengthen their ability to stick around.

For all species of roaches listed above and insects in general keep overgrown bushes and trees trimmed off the house. Stacks of firewood, mulch and pine straw beds should be kept away from the base of the house. Trash should be taken out in a timely manner. In general, good cleaning habits along with a good pest control plan will help eliminate and keep pests at bay. By using certain products such as dusts, aerosols, baits and granules, we are able to eliminate and prevent pests from getting into your home. However, more importantly knowledge and expertise on how and where to use these products is what we do best. Give us a call today if we can be of service to you!

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