Foraging insects

As the weather warms up and the insects begin to emerge, it’s not uncommon to see a lot of activity around your house and property. Varieties of bees and various other insects are starting to make themselves known as they are foraging. You may have a wasp make it inside, through a chimney or attic space. This is rarely a cause for concern as they are there merely by accident in the early spring/late fall months.

Another common occurrence are ground bees; if you see small mounds in your yard and notice bee activity, these are more than likely ground bees. These bees by nature are very docile and have a short lifespan (typically a few weeks). They are also important pollinators. Given their short life cycle, some people do not even notice them, but if you do, rest assured that they won’t be there for long and rarely sting.

Ants also are very active in the spring; one of the best ways to keep them out of your house is to trim limbs and ivy off your home as well as keep leaf litter and yard debris away from the base of your house.

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