How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home This Winter


With the changing of seasons and cooler temperatures settling in, it’s important to take measures to prevent rodents from making entry into your home. This is the time of year when they are seeking shelter from the cold, in attic spaces, furnaces, and hot water heater closets as well as crawlspaces.

Now is a good time to do a visual inspection of the exterior of your residence. Look for any areas that can provide entry such as a damaged crawlspace door, limbs overhanging your roof, missing foundation vents, or obvious gaps due to wood rot or erosion. Roof rats, squirrels, and other pests can enter through these areas.

By trimming back limbs and replacing vents or sealing up gaps, you will help to ensure that rodents don’t find their way inside. If you are already hearing noises or suspect you may have an issue, Centurion Pest Management provides rodent control and full and partial exclusion services. Give us a call to learn more or schedule a quote.